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Being an SEO consultant for so many years gives me the urge to search for maybe someone or some SEO Agency that could actually Guaranty Top 3 Places in Google Search Results ( SERPS) way cheaper than me so I decided to look on fiverr.  So let us see what happenned.

Finding the Best SEO Service in Fiverr

I actually went right for to Fiverr and started the search with: “Rank top 3 on Google” the following image shows the Fiverr search results which returned 125 results.

The Strategy

After spending quite a bit of time right-clicking each of the results to open them to see exactly what type of SEO service was offered I realized that most of the services were quite good at what they actually offered, other’s unfortunately use some misguiding words like “I Will Rank Your Website Top In Google” and then after you read their Gig you find that actually another complete thing was offered.  As it can be seen clearly in the above image everyone is offering for SEO Audits, to Reports to pbn links to complete SEO Audit + Link building + indexing services, Whoa! but then I came across this one guy in all Fiverr that promises to rank your website on PAGE 1 ( not what I’m looking for but what the hell).

What I did find interesting apart from that the price was way higher than the average was that he states this and I quote:

“We (choose) keywords with Competition around 1M & rank maximum keywords to top 10 results within 4 – 6 months

  • If Domain is more than 1 Year old we give you results in 4 months
  • If Domain is a new one then it will take minimum 6 – 8 months
  • You will see Improvement within 45 Days of my working”

Now, this is really something in the Internet SEO world man I thought.  For 3 different plans or prices, he offers ranking 3, 5 and 7 Keywords for US$300, $400 and US$500 respectively. 

Proven Results

I have been a Member of Fiverr sin 2010 and bought services in many different categories. In SEO I had always seen people offering services for link building etc, like we have seen so many, just like in the 2 most popular SEO forums. The difference here is that having been in the business for almost 16 years you experience all the confusion and disappointment for the different seo services one tries along the years. This “experience” has also given me a huge amount of contacts and I know a few of the providers in Fiverr so I proceed asking ALL of them if they had tried this guy Service.

To my huge Surprise the actual people that bought his services had page 1 results, mostly from Serps 10 to 6 which today gives almost no traffic if you know the real business here but for some people to have from CERO to 100 a day is almost an SEO MIRACLE. So We will include a link here for him so if I ever get Traffic in this post he will know ( LOL). Very good for him really, congrats ewsolutions.

Below you will find my offer is better than the best SEO services on Fiverr because

I Guaranty in most Cases TOP 3 Results.

I know my SEO Services are not cheap but I deliver the best SEO results in precisely estimated timing. So my clients have in average the numbers below.


+ Search Traffic


+ Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


+ Online Leads

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